Welcome to Scared Confident

A show that seeks to honestly examine the vulnerable realities of a life with many roles. This is an unpolished space to learn what it means to face our fear and live life scared confident.

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I'm Tiffany Sauder. I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, wife, and mother of four.

I've set out to start this podcast, Scared Confident as a way of sharing, dissecting and reflecting on some hard-earned life lessons. This wild life of a two-career home, working mom and perpetual dreamer is a wonderful and messy one - and it’s not without loud fears and insecurities.

Yet, what I've come to understand is that fear is an incredibly selfish posture. Fear focuses on self. What will people think of me? What will people say? What are people's expectations of me? It's inward.

Scared Confident is about breaking through fear. It’s about a life that chooses living for others and not for self. A life that seeks impact and significance. A life that is focused and sure and determined.

By launching this show, I’m sharing my journey of using fear as a green light to push forward instead of letting it stop me. For when we have the courage to stare down fear, we more clearly see the world and people we were made to impact.

I don't know it all, but I'm an open book, ready and willing to help you embrace life scared confidently. If you want a lot out of life, as I do, then this show will help you quiet the voice of fear and run completely after your dreams.

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