Q&A: How does community change as you add ‘ands’ into your life?

Q&A: How does community change as you add ‘ands’ into your life?

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”What does sustainable community look like for you as you add ‘ands’ into your life?”

And how does it shift as you move through those ‘ands’ and different life phases?

Life moves pretty quickly, and prioritizing community and relationships is a key part to growing personally, professionally, and even spiritually. Listen in on how Tiffany has approached maintaining sustainable, impactful relationships throughout her life, and how those relationships have made lasting impacts on not only herself, but also her family.


I'm your host, Tiffany Sauder. And this is Scared Confident. I am naturally. Close to few, even though I'm very social, I'm naturally very close to few. I have a few friends from my childhood that I'm still so close to, but I'm not a person who has 25 people that I would like say are my close friends. So in my early stages of growing element three, I really spent time only in three places.

I spent time at. I spent time with my family and I spent time at church and I still am very, I would say efficient with the way I spent time with friends. So for a long time, I saw my friends mostly like if we would run at five 30 in the morning, I'm not a grab coffee for two hours, kind of a gal. I don't think I like it.

Or I think I would find a way to do it. And so finding a way to incorporate my friendships into things that move me towards my aunts is part of. I would say I naturally did. Cuz it just felt very efficient. It made it more fun. It made it a way that I could get three things done at once. And I think there's also people that just couldn't find a way to grab on my life.

That those friendships just didn't get a chance to develop. Some of it's the speed that I run. Some of it is that I am not the first to respond on a text chain. I'm like the two days later at midnight. Oh my word, I'm sorry. I'm so late. And I like, maybe at a stoplight, spent 35 seconds trying to find a gift and I couldn't, and it wasn't funny and I just freaked in the lock.

I'm just not that person. And so I do think it's true. That there has been places where relationships didn't get a chance to develop in the way that they could have if I didn't have these other hands. But I also think I've been really blessed in that my work relationships. I have also been able to rely on them as a human being, to.

I don't look at them so compartmentalized. Like I only talk to work people about work things. I really think they care about me as a person. And when there's stuff I'm going through, there's definitely places where I've had to bring them into that or I've chosen to, and they've been able to support me, but I think my family.

My nuclear family and then Jr. And I live close to our parents and siblings. We're really intentional about spending time there. We have a couple of close friends that again, live in close proximity to us that our kids are the same ages. And that helps because everybody has a buddy and. That crew. We spend a lot of intentional time, my work relationships, because that facilitates big goals in my life.

And I also really enjoy these people. And then at church, it's a place that we invest a lot in the Sunday school and church leadership, because that's a big part of our life. And. It moves us towards our spiritual goals as a family, and also allows us to work alongside people that we worship with and those relationships evolve from there.

But it is true. I think it would be a lie to say that there aren't places where relationships couldn't take hold and you know, you're choosing that to some degree. So what else is on your mind? Text me 317-350-8921, 317-350-8921. And be sure to follow along on your favorite podcast app.

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