Intentions for 2022

In this bonus episode, Tiffany shares what she is intentionally working towards in 2022.

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In this bonus episode, Tiffany shares what she is intentionally working towards in 2022.

Tiffany: As I think about my intentions for 20 20, 2 of the things I want to come out of this year saying I've really gotten much better at. Just making content creation. And this podcast is certainly part of it. Like a habit. I'm still a little bit in this weird place. I was using the analogy earlier with Sam of like every single day.

Our house turns on, I make food. Right. I serve breakfast. I, somebody gets lunch and we served in it. Like we make food every day. Sometimes that food is a quiche that I made out of leftovers and it's like, it's passable, but like nobody's. Say it was amazing. And sometimes the dish is amazing. Deglaze, the pan pan seared, fresh herbs, all the things, but no matter what, every single day I make food and that gives you the chance to sometimes put together something that's excellent.

And I feel like my ego is not connected to the food. I mean, I want to do a good job. I put pretty good effort to it, but the point is it's consistent. And I find that with the content creation, the podcast, and even some of the effort into some of my social profiles are really passionate. I feel like I have an experience that I want to share.

Because my self at 27, 28 32 desperately wished that I had some of the tools that my now 40 plus year old self has Sayreville really drawn to share it. But sometimes I get stuck because my ego starts to get all wrapped up in it. Like, was it good enough? Is anybody care? Are they going to like it? And when I'm in that head space, I'm too in a place where.

Trying to be the consumer of my information and not just authentically telling the story that I've lived in my life. And I know that I'm better, it's better. It's more authentic. It's more true to who I am and to the experience I want to create when I don't try to sit on the other side of the table and figure out whether or not I'm impressed with it or not.

I really just want to stay in this like creation habit and in the same way. These like tiny increments of growth in my fitness of going to the gym and lifting two days a week, helped me move forward in my habit of long-term like self care and being strong on my body. I want to bring that same thinking into content creation and being a habit and whether it was a great episode or an average episode or whatever like that, that is not relevant to the behavior.

And over time it will get better. So I really want. Good at that, mostly because I think it will serve the content, the purist when it's literally just to habit and I'm not, I'm not trying to impress anybody. And anyway, so the other two things. I would say my personal space as well. One is just being a better listener specifically to my husband.

Like life can be busy. I can be like, yeah, yeah. I know. Like my day starts at 8 32 or like, yeah, I know everybody's tired. Like I just made dinner. It looks clean up the dishes level, like kind of rushing through it instead of just like being really available and like listening to what's going on. He's working on some really big.

Things at work right now and wanting to really be like an available outlet for him as a listener, as an invested party and what he's doing. And I just want to be better at that. He was really gracious in sharing some feedback with me recently that I was not listening very well. And he was right about.

That's song of like, your lips are moving, your lips are moving, which is like, I think it's saying you're lie, lie, lie. I'm not saying he's lying, but I, I need to be more present and I want to work at that. And then the last one is just, I would say from a, like the things I say yes or no to my plan from when I first realized I was going to be.

Uh, professional and have kids was to work like really, really hard. While my kids were young so that when they got to middle school, that was the kind of line I put in my head that I could be more time available for them. My observation was that when they're young, it's a lot of caretaking. It's like physically caretaking.

And when they're older, it's more heartbreaking. It's not that there's not like behavior role things to work on when they're small, but it's mostly. You know, keeping them safe and making sure that they've got a bath and clean clothes on. And because we've chosen in-home care, I really felt like I also could like, just really control the environment they were in the schedule that they had, what they were being taught, what they're being exposed to, what shows were on all that kind of stuff.

It was like, I could put them in a cocoon and go work really hard. And I knew once they got to middle school, that they would be exposed to different ideas that they would have. Different days at school, some are good. Some are bad. Me knowing their friends is a lot more important to them as they get older and kind of what's going on inside of the school.

And so I, I really wanted to be more available and I've worked really hard and there's great people around me such that I actually can have more home time. But if I'm honest, it's not the thing I choose naturally to have more home time. I love. Adult conversation. I love learning. I love being in hard situations.

I love, you know, big meetings. I love sharing my experiences with young people who are trying to sort of figure things out. I love all of that. It gives me so much energy, but I have this realization that my favorite day may not be the right day for my family right now every day. So. If my preference would be to work till six o'clock come home, feed everybody, do some homework and go to bed that my girls might need me home before that, or to finish my day at home or whatever it needs to look like.

I need to figure that out so that I can do it more sustainably. But I just have this awareness that while I've worked really hard to have a little bit more choice with my time I'm finding I'm not taking it. And I'm finding it's because I really love it. I really love the working part. Okay. I think that there's ways I need to maybe be more honoring to my priorities of my kids and my family with a few slight adjustments that make it so that I am a little bit more present for them a little bit more flexible for them and stepping into some of that is new for me.

So I don't know, we'll see how that actually takes shape, but it's something I'm setting some intention around. I'm aware of it. Two of my four girls are in middle school now. So we're like clearly squarely there and just practicing, stepping into a little bit more unscheduled time, a little bit more availability, I think, um, can go a long way for just our family culture.

So that's what I'm setting attention around in 2022. I'm sure there will be some really unexpected things that also come down the conveyor belt this year, but I'm really excited and thankful for another year and excited to continue the journey here with the scared, confident crew as well.

So what else is on your mind? Text me 3, 1 7. 3 5 0 8 9 2 1 3 1 7 3 5 0 8 9 2 1. And be sure to follow along on your favorite podcast app. Thanks for listening today.

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