Keeping sustainable

In this episode, Tiffany discusses the vital role sustainability plays in her life of “and’s”, and how she has learned to help her kids have low-conflict experiences before school in the morning to start each day off in the right mindset.

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Morning routines can make or break your day. Creating a streamlined, simplified morning routine is key to keeping things both moving and peaceful in a busy home.

In this episode, Tiffany discusses the vital role sustainability plays in her life of “and’s”, and how she has learned to help her kids have low-conflict experiences before school in the morning to start each day off in the right mindset.

Tiffany: I'm your host, Tiffany Sauder. And this is Scared Confident. One of the things that was always really important to my mom was that we were sent off to school in the morning with like a cheerful experience. School can be hard sometimes for kids. And so our mornings were always. Not peace. Like I'm going to say the word peaceful.

Our mornings are always peaceful, not like slow, but they were peaceful. They were like a low conflict experience. And I really remember loving that. And so even though now in the morning I leave the house too. It is important to me that I create as best I can that the morning is like, Peaceful. It's a low conflict experience for the girls to get out the door and they feel loved.

They feel supported, they get a hug and a kiss and they can like kind of go do their day and deal with whatever's [00:01:00] going to come. So a few things that I have put in place. I've got a couple in middle school, one in elementary school that have helped that morning be more smooth. One is you guys know I'm really big on the night before making sure everybody knows the plan for the next morning.

If I'm leaving the house early, they need to know that if Jared's going to be traveling, they want to know that if they have an early practice, I'm going to remind them, like you've got to get up 20 minutes early. That way. They go to bed knowing like, here's exactly what we're going to stick the landing on tomorrow morning and we're all on the same page.

So that is one. The second that we do is if you have taken your lunch tomorrow, we're going to pack it the night before. I like to do that while I'm making dinner. Cause I hate it when they get the crap out twice, once the kitchen is cleaned up and then the like schlep, all the business out of the fridge annoys me.

So I am kind of like I'm making dinner. Anybody needed to make their lunch tomorrow. Like now's the time. Really, really dials down the [00:02:00] conflict in the morning, because then they're just packed and they can grab them. And they're done. We have set up a single station to charge computers. Cause that was also this like harried thing.

They need to put their computers on the charger the night before that way in the morning, they just like pull them off the plug, put them in their bag and walk out the door when they were like on different levels of the house. I don't know where my court is. I can't handle that business in the morning.

So we have a single outlet that has their computer chargers. And that is where they always charge them. And that has really helped streamline that this is silly, but putting everybody's socks in the laundry room also very helpful because they would get dressed upstairs and then come down to put their shoes on.

Cause we keep them like in the back laundry room and bringing the socks down totally removed. Friction is weird. Maybe everybody's always done that, but that was a really helpful system change for us. And then. I mean, I'm I say I'm big on them eating breakfast. I'm not going to force, feed them breakfast, but I like for them to have something to [00:03:00] eat, but I don't have time to get out pans and do dishes and all of that.

So we are kind of like a heat and eat situation on breakfast. I will put together like pre-made smoothie bags, a scoop of protein powder, handful of spinach, and like some frozen berries and just like Ziploc that in the. Freezer. And they can put that in the blender with some water, orange juice or something.

That's one thing I do well, I'll do make ahead breakfast burritos that are in the freezer and then just microwave them. They can wrap them in paper towel and like eat them on the way to the bus. And then I'm also big on just like the pre-made like fair life shakes. My kids all love those 30 grams of protein, worst case.

They drink that on the way to the bus and they've got at least something in their body that I feel like is going to fuel. So it's not a big production for us, but I do try on the weekends to get ahead of there being things kind of thrown in the fridge or in the freezer that they can pull out microwave quick.

And I know I've gotten, I've worked to get some good food [00:04:00] in them and they've got some variety and we're not living off of sugary cereal, which can be kind of an easy button, but it's like not my preference as a mom. So it was a few things that we do to keep. Things moving. So the morning can be peaceful.

It's not slow, but it is love conflict. So I hope this helps you a little bit as you. Worked at like kiss your kids out the front door and not like shout them out the front door. I think that we all start better when we feel like we start together. My mission for scare confident is to help women confidently pursue a life of, and, and I want to be available to you.

I'm passionate about vulnerably stepping into my stories so that it can help women. This is about creating. I wish I had as I was going through this journey. So if you have questions, comments, or feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Text me at 3 1 7 3 5 0 8 9 2 1.

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