What I’ve learned in the First 17 Years

Sometimes a story needs to be written before it’s finished. Tiffany is ready to share hers.

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Sometimes a story needs to be written before it’s finished. Tiffany is ready to share hers.

In this episode, listen to Tiffany explain why she’s felt called to reflect more intentionally on the first 17 years of her journey in building her agency, Element Three—and the characters who have built her character along the way.

Join us for the next several weeks as we journey into a new series from Scared Confident: The First 17 Years. In this special series, Tiffany will be reflecting on the “ands” Element Three has brought into her life, introducing you to the characters that built her character, and sharing lessons-learned for anyone who wants to step more fully into their life of “ands”.


I'm your host, Tiffany Sauder. And this is Scared Confident.

In many ways, Element Three was the first scared, confident journey. I was just as scared through the whole ordeal the last 17 years, but there were also equal parts, confident confidence that we were doing something worth doing that it was ultimately gonna be a noble mission.

And that was actually disconnected from the outcome of whether the business was successful or. At some point in the journey, I started to understand what the old adage says, that it really is about the journey and not about the outcome. And so as I now, and my almost 42-year-old self begin to have moments where I dream about where will life take me?

What are all of the different ‘ands’ that will come in as I'm now growing into awareness of passionately, pursuing a life of, and I've taken the last few months and kind of wrote a verbal memoir of this journey of Element Three. And I'm excited to share that with you in the next few months, it's gonna be coming out and I've kind of subtitled it, the characters who built my character, we don't go through this life thing alone.

And being a young entrepreneur starting out at 24, 25 years old, you certainly don't get to hear alone. And while I have not had. Somebody on the org chart, who I ever reported to these people, these voices, these experiences, they were my mentors. They are the people who help build and refine and grow me into the leader that I have the opportunity to be today.

And that is not like a self-gloating thing that is really a nod to these incredible human beings who took time when it really didn't benefit them, just out of belief that making other people better is really what life is. And so has been a tremendously warm journey to walk back through these years and experiences and the high points and the low points and the scars and the tough decisions and the things and the people that culminated into this time.

If I've learned anything from this journey over the last two years of creating a podcast, it's important to not wait till the end to stop and understand and remember what it is that you've learned. And so I hope that this sort of series of episodes speaks into your life and helps you grow in whatever capacity you're leading in, whether it be in your family and your church in government and business.

And that will give you also courage to speak into the people around you who need to hear from your experiences. Thanks for listening in. So what else is on your mind? Text me 317-350-8921 … 317-350-8921. And be sure to follow along on your favorite podcast app. Thanks for listening today.

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